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Sales SuperSkills

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Sales Context:

  • Know that anyone can sell
  • Understand the key drivers of sales success
  • Unpack the core sales fails to avoid!

Law of Averages

  • Understanding the Law of Averages
  • Using the Law of Averages to combat rejection

KISS and SEE Principles:

  • Learn to KISS!
  • Unlock the power of the SEE principle

Questions and the Answers

  • Unlock the power of asking meaningful questions
  • Leverage questions to understand your client/customer needs
  • Unpack the most relevant questions in your space

Features vs Benefits

  • Understand how to sell driving benefits for maximum impact
  • Position your product/service features into the most relevant benefits to your customer/client

Open and Closed Questions:

  • Unpack open and closed questions
  • Understand when and how to strategically use open and closed questions

Objection Handling:

  • See the buy-line and know how to get your customers/clients above it!
  • Understand the Objection Handling system and how to use it
  • Know when to Objection handle

Buying Signs

  • Understand what buying signs are
  • Learn to identify buying signs
  • Know how to use buying signs when getting ready to close

Close like a Pro (Test and Assumptive Close)

  • Unlock the power of the TEST close
  • Leverage the power of YES
  • Use the assumptive close
  • Increase your sales conversion rate

The Funnel, The Pipeline and Referrals

  • Understand the Funnel, the Pipeline and Referrals
  • Know how to work each step in the sales process
  • Unlock more production, more consistently
  • Unlock the power of referrals to grow your sales
  • Know how to generate your own leads