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Unlocking Leadership

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When you build leadership in yourself and in others, everyone wins. Businesses and personal lives are transformed when leaders work on and in business.

Powerful leadership will multiply the output of teams and set the stage for self-driven, on-purpose, passion driven players to thrive and swing for the fences.

Whether for yourself or for your teams, in this incubator we lean into what leadership is, which core insights will catapult your leadership, crazy good comms tools and how to bring the best out of people.


Unlocking Leadership:

Getting your baseline:

  • Unpacking what leadership looks like FOR YOU and or your team
  • Assessing where you or your team are at vs where you want to be
  • Getting crystal clear on your WHY
  • Setting micro-strategies to start to move towards the kind of leader you want to be

What kind of leader are you?

  • Becoming a Multiplier leader
  • Unlocking your passion as a leader
  • Understanding what extreme accountability/ownership looks like
  • Getting comfortable with failure

Leadership Communication:

  • Unlocking next-level communication by getting your point across
  • Becoming an effective feedback giver
  • Leverage VICTOR language

Working with your people:

  • Define what success looks like for you and or your team
  • Define your KPI's and create your flight deck
  • Create an environment where the environment produces the results

The secret sauce of leadership:

  • Introducing the Power of Habit and Atomic Habits
  • Understanding the power of Personal Development
  • Unpacking mindfulness and the importance of reflection