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The Art of Feedback

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One of the most powerful Superskills you can leverage in your life is the art of giving and receiving feedback. With this SuperSkill you will raise not only your game, but the games of those around you as you become a pro at highlighting blind spots in a way that ignites people to correct. In this incubator we will delve into the context of feedback, how to prep for and deliver it like a pro and what to do after a powerful feedback convo. As a bonus, we’ve included a session on some of the most common feedback sessions people wrestle with.


The Art of Feedback

Setting Context:

  • Create an alignment in terms of what good feedback is
  • Start to reframe your thinking around feedback and its importance
  • Work through the fundamentals for effective communication in feedback

Preparing to give high-impact feedback

  • Understanding the feedback preparation framework
  • Know how to prepare yourself for feedback
  • Know how to prepare your person to receive feedback
  • Know what the feedback tripwires are so you can avoid them

Having the tough love conversations

  • Know how to use the feedback framework effectively

Post Feedback conversations

  • A plan to ensure post-feedback success